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Chasing Chureito- Top visit spot for foreigners to Japan with secret hidden spot tip known by locals

If one should google Mt. Fuji, Yamanashi, the image of Mt. Fuji , a towering pagoda, and sakura (cherry blossom tree) will appear on your feed. This place is called Arakurayama -Sengen Shrine (popularly known as Chureito Pagoda) is one of the many magical and scenic places in the prefecture. Accessible by bus, car or train, taking a day trip from Tokyo to here is definitely possible. More details can be found on their town's local site here link . This spot is famous because you can get three of Japan's iconic features, all in one view There's a five story pagoda, Mt. Fuji, and in spring, cherry blossoms delicate pink fill the air. We visited here a few weeks ago, because it's more interesting to see Mt. Fuji with an ice cap. It just adds more contrast to your images. The real breath-taking moment though, was staying until sunset, and the reds in the pagoda becomes illuminated by the oranges of the sun and the vast sky turns to pastel shades. There is something about standing and watching the sunset, accented by the intimidating full view of Mt. Fuji with it's ice cap illuminated by sunrays, and the roofs of homes in Fuji city turning orange. At that moment, I felt at peace, I could have died, and I would have died happy. Being in that present moment, one cant help but ponder about their life and their existence, and how lucky or blessed (depending on your belief system) you are, to be able to be alive to witness such a profound natural transition of day

turning in to night in this specific context. It was beautiful. One more thing, the area of the pagoda is usually a bit crowded, but here's an insider tip. Climb up the stairs a bit further, and you'll reach to a sitting area. It is only at this point, you will be able to get a full view of Mt.Fuji. From where it starts at it's base of Fuji city to where it ends. Words failed me upon seeing that scene for the first time. Thank us later.





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